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(800) 450-9201 Telephone Intake hours:  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday. Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Walk-ins welcome during office hours. Telephone intake is preferred; however if you need to apply outside of business hours, please use the online form by clicking here. New! Free legal advice online! Click above to get started.

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Bemidji Office - Legal Services Northwest Minnesota
215- 4th St. N.W. P.O. Box 1883 (map)
Bemidji, MN 56619
(800) 450-9201 or 218-751-9201

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Abuse, Violence & Crime Victims > Child Abuse and Protection (CHIPS)

Abuse, Violence & Crime Victims > Domestic Violence / Spousal Abuse

Abuse, Violence & Crime Victims > Elder Abuse

Abuse, Violence & Crime Victims > Student Abuse / Maltreatment

Consumer and Debt > Bankruptcy

Consumer and Debt > Cars and Car Problems

Consumer and Debt > Contract and Warranty Problems

Consumer and Debt > Credit and Credit Reports

Consumer and Debt > Debt Collection and Garnishment

Consumer and Debt > Identity Theft / Privacy

Consumer and Debt > Insurance

Consumer and Debt > Other Consumer Issues

Consumer and Debt > Payday Loans, Tax Refunds and Predatory Lending

Consumer and Debt > Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court

Consumer and Debt > Scams, Fraud and Unfair Sales Practices

Consumer and Debt > Student Loans

Criminal Expungement > Criminal Expungement

Disability > Assistive Technology

Disability > Disability & Employment

Disability > Disability Rights & Discrimination

Disability > Guardianship, Conservatorship and Power of Attorney

Disability > Home & Community Based Services

Disability > Medical Assistance and Medicare for the Disabled

Disability > Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Disability > Special Education

Family > Adoption

Family > Child Abuse and Protection (CHIPS)

Family > Child Support

Family > Custody and Parenting Time

Family > Divorce (Dissolution)

Family > Domestic Violence / Spousal Abuse

Family > Paternity

Family > Relative and Third Party Custody and Parenting Time

Farm > Administrative Appeals & Litigation

Farm > Bankruptcy or Tax

Farm > Contracting

Farm > Debtor-Creditor / Commercial

Farm > Disaster

Farm > Discrimination / Civil Rights

Farm > Farm Business and Marketing

Farm > FSA Credit

Farm > FSA Farm Programs

Farm > Land Use / Environmental

Farm > Other Farm

Health Care > Government Health Care Programs

Health Care > Health Care Appeals and Complaints

Health Care > Health Care Directives

Health Care > Health Insurance & Health Care Exchanges

Health Care > Home & Community Based Services

Health Care > Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Health Care > Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Housing > Applying for Housing

Housing > Bed Bugs

Housing > Buying and Owning a Home

Housing > Disabilities, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Housing > Disasters and Housing

Housing > Domestic Violence, VAWA and Housing

Housing > Evictions

Housing > Expungement of Eviction Records

Housing > Foreclosure for Homeowners

Housing > Foreclosure for Tenants

Housing > Getting Property Back After You Move Out

Housing > Guest and Roommate Issues

Housing > Lead Paint

Housing > Mobile Home Laws

Housing > Other Housing Issues

Housing > Pets

Housing > Privacy

Housing > Public Housing, Section 8 and Other Housing Programs

Housing > Renter's Refund (CRP)

Housing > Repairs, Condemnations and Lock-outs

Housing > Secondhand Smoke

Housing > Security Deposit

Housing > Utilities

Immigration / Immigrants > Asylum, TPS and Other Humanitarian Relief

Immigration / Immigrants > Citizenship / Naturalization

Immigration / Immigrants > Crime Victims and Immigration Law (U Visas and T Visas)

Immigration / Immigrants > Employment Visas and Other Work Issues

Immigration / Immigrants > Fee Waivers

Immigration / Immigrants > Other Issues

Immigration / Immigrants > Permanent Resident Status (green card)

Immigration / Immigrants > Public Benefits and Health Care

Immigration / Immigrants > Removal (Deportation) and Waivers of Removal

Immigration / Immigrants > Right to an Interpreter and Translation

Internet Fraud > Identity Theft / Privacy

Native Americans > Health Care

Native Americans > Hunting and Fishing Rights

Native Americans > Indian Child Welfare Act

Native Americans > Probate, Wills and Trust Land

Native Americans > Tribal Sovereignty and Public Law 280

Public Benefits > Am I eligible for Public Benefits?

Public Benefits > Cash Assistance Programs (GA, MFIP, EA)

Public Benefits > Child Care

Public Benefits > Food Assistance

Public Benefits > Fraud Hearings

Public Benefits > Government Health Care Programs

Public Benefits > Other Public Benefits Issues

Public Benefits > Public Benefits for Immigrants

Public Benefits > Social Security and Other Disability Benefits (SSI, MSA)

Public Benefits > Unemployment Benefits

Public Benefits > Utility and Bill Assistance

Seniors > Elder Abuse

Seniors > Government Health Care Programs

Seniors > Nursing Homes / Assisted Living / Other Housing

Seniors > Protecting Your Money and Avoiding Scams

Seniors > Wills, Probate and Trusts

Taxes > Free Tax Preparation Resources

Taxes > Low Income Tax Credits

Taxes > Other Tax Issues and Videos

Taxes > Refund Anticipation Loans / Tax Scams

Taxes > Tax Liens / Revenue Recapture

Taxes > Tax Resources for Service Providers

The Legal System > Legal Words: What Do They Mean?

The Legal System > Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Legal System > Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court

The Legal System > Your Right to a Court Interpreter

Veterans > Assistance for Veterans

Veterans > Benefits for Dependents and Survivors

Veterans > Education and Training for Veterans

Veterans > General Benefit Information

Veterans > Home Loans for Veterans

Veterans > Insurance Options for Veterans

Veterans > Rights of Veterans and Servicemembers

Veterans > Veterans with Limited Income

Veterans > Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

Work > Criminal Expungement

Work > Disability and Employment

Work > Family Leave

Work > Harassment

Work > Job Discrimination

Work > Job Training & Re-Training Programs

Work > Other Work

Work > Pensions

Work > Unemployment Benefits

Work > Wage Claims

Work > Workers' Compensation

Work > Wrongful Termination

Youth Law and Education > Bullying and Harassment

Youth Law and Education > Discipline / Suspension / Expulsion

Youth Law and Education > Discrimination in Schools

Youth Law and Education > Education of Homeless Youth

Youth Law and Education > English Language Learners (ELL) and Immigrant Students

Youth Law and Education > Financial Aid / Student Loans

Youth Law and Education > No Child Left Behind Act

Youth Law and Education > Special Education Rights

Youth Law and Education > Student Abuse / Maltreatment

Youth Law and Education > Student Records

Youth Law and Education > Truancy / Compulsory Attendance