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  • Can a tax preparer give me my refund on the spot?

    I plan to file my taxes soon, and I believe I will be receiving a refund. Being elderly and on a fixed income, I could really use the refund. I heard that if I go to a tax preparer, they may be able to give me my refund on the spot. Is this true and how does it work? Read More

    Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota-Duluth
  • File Your Taxes for Free with Prepare + Prosper

    Prepare + Prosper is a local nonprofit that provides free tax preparation, financial services, and financial coaching to individual and families. Their IRS-certified volunteers will get you the maximum refund. From January 21 to April 15, they operate eight tax sites in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hopkins, and Bloomington. They are based in St. Paul year-round. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Prepare + Prosper at 651-287-0187 or Read More


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