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  • Xcel Energy Scam Calls

    Xcel Energy customers have recently been victimized by phone scams. Callers claiming to be from Xcel Energy are threatening to turn off electricity or natural gas service if they are not paid immediately. Scammers may even manipulate caller ID to look like they are calling from Xcel Energy. Read More

  • Scam Calls to Immigrants

    US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told the FTC about a new twist on a common phone scam: scammers are calling immigrants in the US – but this time, the scammers are pretending to be from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In standard scammer procedure, they fake the caller ID, so it looks like they’re legit. But they’re not. They threaten people – telling them they’re under investigation, or there’s a legal case against them. They throw around terms like “affidavit” and “allegations.” And, of course, they ask you to pay up. Scammers often tell you to pay by money transfer or prepaid or gift card. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
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  • Beware Government Imposters

    A scam warning from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): If someone claiming to be a government employee asks you to send money to collect a prize or remove negative information from your credit report, don’t do it. And don’t give them your personal or financial information, either. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Modify Child Support and/or Spousal Maintenance - Do it Yourself

    This free program helps you create the forms to ask the court to Modify Child Support or Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota. Read More

    Legal Services State Support
  • Get Your Renter's Refund

    If you rent, your landlord must give you a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) by January 31, 2017. Use it to see if you qualify for a Renter's Refund from the State of Minnesota. This fact sheet will tell you what to do if your landlord doesn’t give you the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP). Read More

    Minneapolis - Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
  • IRS Scam: Police Advisory

    The Minneapolis Police Dept. (MPD) has received reports from people who said that they were contacted by someone who claimed to be with the IRS. The caller ID showed the Fifth Precinct's main number (612) 673-5705. This is a scam. No government agency will ever call you asking for personal information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, or more. Do not give personal information to anyone who calls or emails you unexpectedly, even if they claim they are with an official government organization or bank. Even if the caller ID appears to be legitimate, if something is suspicious or someone is asking you for personal information, do not give it. After you hang up, call the official phone number of the organization and verify directly with them if it is legitimate before giving any personal identifying information. See the flyer with more information, and share with neighbors. Read More

    Minneapolis Police Department
  • Health Insurance Marketplace in Minnesota: MNsure

    A one-stop health insurance marketplace where you can find and compare health plans and choose the coverage that fits your needs. Read More

    Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • Video: Getting a Landlord to Make Repairs

    This legal help video will explain how to ask your landlord to make repairs, how to fill out the Rent Escrow court form and how to prepare for your court hearing. Read More

    Legal Services State Support and St. Paul Neighborhood Network
  • Project Care

    Project Care is a program that helps people who are uninsured or underinsured enroll in a public healthcare program. Read More

  • Phone Scams Using the Affordable Care Act

    This kind of scam pops up anytime there’s a big change in a government policy, or when a topic is in the news. If you get a call asking for your information, hang up. It’s a scam. Government organizations and the legitimate groups you do business with have the information they need. They’ll never call to ask you for it. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Legal Steps: Kinship Caregiver Resource Manual

    A manual to help you navigate the options available in Minnesota for caring for your relative's child. Read More

    Legal Services State Support
  • File Your Taxes for Free with Prepare + Prosper

    Prepare + Prosper is a local nonprofit that provides free tax preparation, financial services, and financial coaching to individual and families. Their IRS-certified volunteers will get you the maximum refund. From January 21 to April 15, they operate eight tax sites in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hopkins, and Bloomington. They are based in St. Paul year-round. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Prepare + Prosper at 651-287-0187 or Read More


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