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Post a question about any kind of civil legal issue, like family law, housing, debt, seniors, work, or immigration. The website can't help with criminal or traffic questions. Your question stays on the site for up to 2 weeks to get an answer from a licensed volunteer lawyer. Minnesota Legal Advice Online is open to low-income Minnesota residents who are aged 14 or older.

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The courts, the libraries, and other places have legal clinics where you can get free advice from a lawyer. Some legal clinics are walk-in, some are over the phone, and some are by appointment only. Some legal clinics only help people with low incomes. 

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What is Legal Advice?

Legal advice is a short meeting with a lawyer in-person, over the phone, or online.  You describe your legal problem to the lawyer, and the lawyer gives you some advice about your rights and what you should do.  

A few things to know about legal advice:

  • In this kind of meeting, the lawyer only gives you legal advice and answers questions.  Most of the time, the lawyer will not be able to file papers for you or go to court with you.  If you have questions about what the lawyer can do for you, ask the lawyer.  
  • Bring something you can write notes on, so you remember what steps you need to take.
  • Bring your papers with you.  If you are getting help over the phone or online, have your papers next to you.  The lawyer might ask what the papers say and give you advice about what to put in your papers.
  • Lawyers sometimes don't realize when they are using legal words you don't know.  If you don't understand what the lawyer says, say so and ask the lawyer to tell you again.  The lawyer wants to help you and make sure you understand the legal advice.  Sometimes it helps to ask the lawyer to write down what you should do about your legal problem.



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