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COVID-19: Renters' Rights During the Pandemic

Authored By
Education for Justice


Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Find out how COVID-19 affects your rights as a renter in Minnesota. This fact sheet covers the topics listed below.  Scroll down to the section you have questions about.

  • Your Rent and Bills: learn about if you have to pay rent during the Pandemic, how to get help paying your rent, if your landlord can raise your rent, and more.
  • Evictions During the Pandemic: find out about Minnesota’s eviction moratorium (the pause on evictions), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) national eviction moratorium, and the exceptions to these rules.
  • Your Lease: what happens if your lease is ending? When is it ok to leave early and break your lease? Can your landlord show your home? What should you do if you have repair problems?
  • Public housing and mobile homes: the laws are a little different if you live in public housing or a mobile home. Read this section to learn how.

Your Rent and Bills

Evictions During the Pandemic

Your Lease

Public Housing and Mobile Homes