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Step 1

About this Program

Welcome! This free program helps you create a Minnesota Health Care Directive (HCD), also known as a "living will".

The program works by asking you questions. It uses your answers to fill out your form. You can print your form, make copies, and make it legal.

Depending on what kind of Health Care Directive you want to make, it could take over an hour to get through the interview. If you only want to appoint a health care agent, it could take less than 20 minutes.

If you don't have enough time to finish, save your answers by creating an account with LawHelp Interactive. You can create an account now or any time during the interview.

Before you start the interview, you need to read the instructions on the next 3 tabs. 

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Step 2

 About this Health Care Directive

A Health Care Directive tells your caregivers and doctors what to do if you become unable to make decisions about your health care. With a Health Care Directive, you can:

  • Write your wishes for Health Care, or
  • Name an agent who can make decisions for you, or
  • Do both.

Depending on what you want to do, you will need to give certain information to get through the interview. A lot of it is basic, like your name, address and birthdate. But some is not.

If You Want to Name an Agent ... 

There is no legal limit to the number of agents you can name. However, with this program you are limited to two agents and two "alternate" agents.

You will need to give the name, address and telephone number of anyone who will be your agent or alternate agent.

Almost anyone over 18 can be your agent, as long as he or she can make good decisions. Your agent cannot be your health care provider, or an employee of your health care provider, unless you are related to that person.

If You Want to Write Your Wishes ...

You will need time. Writing your wishes can take over an hour. If you need a break, you can save and come back later. You will need to be ready to face some hard questions:

  • How do you feel about using feeding tubes?
  • What makes life worth living, and is it ever not worth living?
  • How do your spiritual beliefs affect your wishes for care?
  • Where do you want to be when you die?

It can help if you have thought about such things before. Consider talking to your doctor, counselor or spiritual leader. You can leave any questions blank if you want.

If your wishes change, you can change your Health Care Directive or make a new one.

 Read the Health Care Directives Fact Sheet for more information.

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Step 3

What Does Your Computer Need?
This interview works best with Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.
You will also need Microsoft Word or Word Viewer. If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can use Word Viewer to view, copy, and print your forms (but it won't let you make changes.) Click here to get Word Viewer for free. (Note: Microsoft Word Pad is not the same as Microsoft Word and will not work with this program.)

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Step 4

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