Legal Services State Support

Legal Services State Support is a project of the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition (MLSC), an association of legal services programs in Minnesota that help low-income people with a broad range of civil legal matters. If you have heard of the "legal aid office" in your community, it is probably part of MLSC. MLSC helps create and distribute key information to the public through fact sheets, booklets, and manuals. Legal Services State Support manages this website, for advocates, and, a statewide online legal advice website.

Pro Bono Net

Pro Bono Net is a unique collaboration among the various parts of the public interest legal community, organized primarily in New York city. They use information technology to increase the amount and quality of legal services provided to low-income individuals and communities. staff can be reached at

Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA)

The Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) is a voluntary organization of Minnesota legal professionals. The MSBA and its affiliated sections and district bar associations provide numerous programs and services for members, the legal profession and the community.

Legal Services Corporation (LSC)

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is a private, non-profit corporation established by Congress to seek to ensure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans by providing civil legal assistance to those who otherwise would be unable to afford it. LSC was created in 1974 with bipartisan congressional sponsorship and the support of the Nixon administration, and is funded through congressional appropriation.


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