What to Do If You Are Sued

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Are you being sued in Conciliation Court or District Court?

If it is Conciliation Court, the papers come in the mail from the court if the claim is under $2,500. If it is over $2,500, the papers come by certified mail from the person suing you. The court papers tell you the time and date of the hearing and have a statement about why you are being sued.

If it is District Court, the papers usually come in person from a process server. This could be a sheriff's deputy or a lawyer. The papers need to be “served.” Most often this means that the papers are handed to you or someone in your household. That person needs to be “of suitable age and discretion.” There are no set rules about age, but it generally means someone over the age of 14 who doesn’t have any disabilities that would keep them from understanding or getting the papers to you. Sometimes you get the papers in the mail. If you do, you need to sign a waiver of personal service. The waiver of personal service comes with the papers. The papers don’t have a court date on them.

Conciliation Court

District Court