MFIP & FSS Employment Sanctions

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Education for Justice
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When you are sanctioned, all or part of your MFIP is taken away. Your employment counselor can sanction you if you are not doing something you are supposed to. Like following your employment plan (EP), turning in papers they ask for, missing meetings, or not going to school if you are under 18.

When you get an employment sanction, your MFIP or FSS is cut by 10%, 30%, or 100%.

This fact sheet gives information about employment sanctions. But you can get sanctions 2 other ways:

  • You have to go to an MFIP orientation when you start getting MFIP. If you don't go, your county can sanction you.
  • Your child support worker can sanction you if you are not cooperating. Your sanction starts at 30%, and your Medical Assistance (MA) closes.

For more information or help with a sanction call Legal Aid.