Passports for Children Born in the U.S.

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A child born in the United States is a U.S. citizen and can get a U.S. passport as proof of citizenship. A U.S. passport is also needed to travel outside of the U.S. This fact sheet tells you how to get a passport for your child. Your immigration status doesn’t matter.

This fact sheet does not give information about how to prove citizenship for children born outside the U.S. to U.S. citizen parents, or children adopted by U.S. citizens.

If you need to prove citizenship for children of naturalized citizens, see our fact sheet Naturalized U.S. Citizens: Proving Your Child’s Citizenship.

The forms you need are online. If you don’t have a computer, you can use one at any public library. You can also get forms in person from a passport application center. To find one near you go to: