Job Rights: Victims Of Violence and Harassment

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Education for Justice

If you or a family member has been abused or harassed, or if you or your immediate family member is a crime victim, you can take time off work:

  • to get an Order for Protection (OFP) or Harassment Restraining Order (HRO)
  • to attend court hearings
  • to testify as a witness in a criminal matter, if you are asked to testify

Your employer has to let you take this time off, but doesn’t have to pay you for the time off.

See our fact sheet Orders for Protection and Harassment Orders.

An employer can’t fire you, threaten you, or discriminate against you in any way because you took reasonable time off to get an OFP or HRO. An employer can’t try to punish you by lowering your pay, or changing things about your job, because they don’t like you taking the time off.