Now that you are a U Nonimmigrant: Warnings, Rights and Responsibilities

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Education for Justice
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Immigration fees might change soon. Fee waivers might also change. Read more about these changes here

This fact sheet is for people who already have U nonimmigrant status. If you are a crime victim and have already applied for U status or want to learn more about applying, see our fact sheet Victims of Crime and U Visas.  If you are being abused by a family member also see  Immigration Relief for Victims of Family Violence.

NOTE: U visa approval is different from being granted deferred action based on the U visa. Being granted deferred action is often the first step but is not the same as having U nonimmigrant status. Deferred action is granted when immigration reviews your U visa application and thinks you qualify but there are no U visas available right now. You need to wait until you get a final U visa approval before the information in this fact sheet applies to you.