Public Housing Evictions

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Education for Justice
The eviction moratorium in Minnesota ended. If you owe rent you can get help at Read our fact sheet COVID-19: Renter's Rights and the end of the Eviction Moratorium for more information

This fact sheet is for public housing tenants who get a Lease Termination Notice. “Public housing” means rental housing operated by or paid for by a Public Housing Authority. This is not a private landlord or Section 8 housing.

Public housing evictions follow State court procedures for evictions BUT also have some of their own special steps. Read this fact sheet and our fact sheet Evictions.

Some of the things in this fact sheet may not apply to you if you live in public housing run by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA). This is because MPHA is a Moving to Work (MTW) agency that is run differently than every other housing authority in Minnesota. If you live in MPHA housing and have questions about this, call the Minneapolis legal aid office at (612) 334-5970.

If you get a Lease Termination Notice, it is a good idea to call your local legal aid office for help right away.