Conciliation Court and Collecting Money

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Most families face debt at some time or another. Losing a job, losing public assistance benefits, sudden medical bills, or divorce can push a family into debt. There are many ways creditors can try to collect debts. Two of the most common…
Source: Education for Justice

Do-It-Yourself Forms

This free program helps you create the forms to file a conciliation court, or small claims, case in Minnesota.
Source: Minnesota Courts
When you start a court case, or are already involved in a court case, you are generally required to give the other party (the other side) to the case copies of any papers you are…
Source: Minnesota Courts

Helpful Websites

Information on Remote Court Hearings
Author: Minnesota Courts

The Minnesota Judicial Branch is conducting some court hearings remotely using Zoom, WebEx, and/or VMR. This site includes information for attorneys, parties, and others who are required to appear at remote hearings.

Consumer Assistance Request Form - MN Attorney General
Author: Minnesota Attorney General's Office

Use the Consumer Assistance Request Form if you need help with a problem like unsatisfactory service, bill disputes, or other concerns. When you fill out the form, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office contacts the organization on your behalf.


Source: National Center for State Courts