Financial Aid and Student Loans

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Most families face debt at some time or another. Losing a job, losing public assistance benefits, sudden medical bills, or divorce can push a family into debt. There are many ways creditors can try to collect debts. Two of the most common…
Source: Education for Justice

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Pause on Federal Student Loans
Author: Federal Student Aid

Federal student loans are in forbearance and interest rates on those loans are at 0%. This began on March 13, 2020, and ends September 1, 2023. The Federal Student Aid website has detailed information and questions and answers for students, borrowers and parents. 

Paying for College - guide from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Author: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Tools and resources to help you future and current students assess financial aid and loan options, and for those with student loans to understand repayment. 

Go to the website: Paying for College - CFPB