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Expungement and Criminal Records

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Do-It-Yourself Forms

Welcome! The Minnesota Courts have information about what types of criminal cases qualify for expungement and the forms to use to ask for an expungement.
Source: Minnesota Courts
Welcome! This free program helps you create the forms to ask the court for a Fee Waiver. These forms are also called an In Forma Pauperis, or IFP. The program works by asking you…
Source: Education for Justice

Helpful Websites

Steps for Asking for a Criminal Expungement
Author: UMN Center for Urban and Regional Affairs

Criminal expungement is the act of sealing criminal records, making them unavailable to individuals and agencies at certain levels. The interactive guide at the link below explains the steps to ask for an expungement. Click the right arrow to get to the next page and click on each step to get more details.

Reentry Resources
Author: Department of Health and Human Services

 A consolidated location for available reentry resources for returning citizens and their families to help people leaving the criminal justice system.

Go to the website: Reentry Resources