Expungement and Criminal Records

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Do-It-Yourself Forms

Welcome! The Minnesota Courts have information about what types of criminal cases qualify for expungement and the forms to use to ask for an expungement.
Source: Minnesota Courts
When you start a court case, or are already involved in a court case, you are generally required to give the other party (the other side) to the case copies of any papers you are…
Source: Minnesota Courts

Helpful Websites

Help Sealing Criminal Records in Minnesota - Attorney General's Office
Author: Minnesota Attorney General's Office

The Minnesota Attorney General's Office can help people who are trying to seal their criminal records, in some cases. Go to the website to learn which records can be sealed, how long you need to wait to ask for it to be sealed, and to submit your information to get help. 

Go to the website: Help Seal My Record MN
Steps for Asking for a Criminal Expungement
Author: UMN Center for Urban and Regional Affairs

Criminal expungement is the act of sealing criminal records, making them unavailable to individuals and agencies at certain levels. The interactive guide at the link below explains the steps to ask for an expungement. Click the right arrow to get to the next page and click on each step to get more details.