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Evictions and Lockouts

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This booklet helps people renting a place to live understand their legal rights.  It is a guide and is not meant to answer all questions.  The laws talked about in this booklet change often.  So be sure to check for changes.  This booklet…
Source: Education for Justice

Do-It-Yourself Forms

Welcome! This free program helps you create the forms to ask the court to Expunge an Eviction. These forms are called a Motion to Expunge an Eviction.  The program works by…
Source: Education for Justice
If your landlord is trying to evict you from your house or apartment, you can fill out an Eviction Answer form to fight the claims in your landlord's court papers, in order to…
Source: Education for Justice

Helpful Websites

Landlord and Tenant Problems: Court Forms and Information
Author: Minnesota Courts

Forms and information for landlord-tenant cases in the Minnesota Courts

COVID-19 Resources for Landlords - HousingLink
Author: HousingLink

This page has information for landlords on common rental issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.